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Paul and Julie Crooks

Paul and Julie Crooks

We're a Cumbrian based LED Company and have been working with LEDs since 2006 and in that time the technology has improved enormously. With over nine years of experience and a technical team behind us who actually manufacture many of the LEDs we sell, we can usually provide solutions to most lighting situations. We started off selling LED Lighting for Boats, Motorhomes and Caravans, and continue to look after these customers but now devote a lot of attention to Business, Retail and Domestic customers.

For Business and Domestic properties, in addition to supplying the LED Lighting, we utilise Dialux Lighting Planning Software to assist in the design phase of more complex projects and have contacts with many of the better quality lighting manufacturers in the UK who are all very willing to provide additional assistance where necessary to ensure the LED lighting meets all you expectations.

Our objective is to provide a high quality service you all our customers and back this up with high quality products, many of which are sourced from established UK LED manufacturers. We are not "Just another supplier" of LED lighting, but separate ourselves from the crowd by the lengths we go to to ensure that our customers the lighting they specifically require for their business or domestic premises.

The relationships we have developed over the years with our suppliers also means that, where neccessary, we can draw on technical expertise to satisfy the most demanding of situations.

Although we're based in Cumbria we have business and domestic customers throughout the UK so don't be afraid to contact us if you'd like to discuss your individual requirements.

Paul Crooks
JMG LED Lighting

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