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Aluminium Cased LED Strip 30cm

Aluminium Cased LED Strip 30cm

Ref: 85

A high output LED strip which comes with a switch integrated into the cable.
An excellent strip for use in Commercial vans etc.
Some LED strips are not quite bright enough to read by but you will have no difficulty reading with any of these lights.
Lumen Output: 430 lumens for Cool White (Approximately equal to a 45 watt bulb).
Power usage: 5 watts
12 volt DC
Length: 300mm
Width: 20mm
Depth: 8mm
Supplied with cable with integrated switch (Switch contains components which regulate and safeguard the LEDs so MUST NOT be cut out of the cable.
Supplied with two clips for fixing to rigid surface.
Requires "2.1 mm Connector Cable" to connect to socket on end of cable (See elsewher on this web site).
Can be joined to another adjacent strip by use of the integrated plugs and sockets.

Price: 15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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